Buster - 3X71

Ronald L. Lewis

635th SPS, U-Tapao Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand (1968-1969)

03/24/1947 - 03/03/2017

I met Ron 49 years ago this month at Lackland AFB Tx.  We were both there to go through AZR, a combat preparedness course for SP's on there way to Vietnam or Thailand.  Ron and I were both headed for Thailand along with our Sentry dogs.  Ron was bound for U-Tapao and me for Ubon.

As fate would have it we were on the same C-141with 15 dogs and handlers for U-Tapao and 10 for Ubon.  The other 10 dogs and handlers were on the 1st C-141 with the 20 handlers and dogs bound for NKP.

A year later we both were assigned to the 824th SPS K-9 section plus we were roommates in the barracks.  We ended up working on the same squad so we got to know each other very well.  Some time in 1970 Ron was assigned to the PACAF Military working Dog Training Center.  After some training he was made an instructor at the school.

He was an avid Arkansas Razorback fan in all sports but especially Razorback football.  He almost broke his leg celebrating an Arkansas TD by jumping off the top bunk.  It was the '69 Texas- Arkansas game, a very important one in college football history.

We finally found Ron in 2002, after looking for him for over two years.  A big shout out to Bill Cummings for helping with that.  We met each other in St. Louis for both our first VDHA reunion in October 2002.

So glad we got see each other!  Ron, I will sorely miss our chats on the phone and I will always remember those memorable rides out to the "off base missile sites" on Okinawa.

Rest in Peace dear friend.  See you at the Rainbow bridge.
Jim Watkins